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Justin Chart (born February 6, 1960) is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer. Chart is known for his song, “Los Angeles The Song”

Chart is an accomplished songwriter, working on such films such as Key Exchange (1985), Back To School (1986), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Born To Race (1988), Speed Zone (1989), The Hitman (1991), and others. He also worked as a songwriter on various Television shows ranging different genres. Drama shows such as, I’ll Take Manhattan (1987), and Buck James (1987 – Columbia Tri Star). He worked on sitcom shows as well, most notably, Brothers (1989 – CBS Studios pilot), and Eat This! (2003 Public Access Television). Chart saw prominent success when he worked on for Public Access Television miniseries, Robin Hood which aired in 1989. He worked on the miniseries title track and score. Both well received by viewers.

A gifted and versatile singer/songwriter, Justin Chart has been writing and performing music in a wide spectrum of musical styles and venues for more than 25 years.
A native of Los Angeles, Justin is in love with his native city… and has proven it with, to date, Seven versions of “Los Angeles the Song”. It’s an upbeat love song to his city… one that resonates with many who view his videos on YouTube, with well over 11 million viewers.
Chart is a musician with something to say, and his intelligent, deeply-felt lyrics and soaring beautiful melodies combine to create tunes that touch the listener in a powerful way.

Justin’s music has a freshness and originality to it that plants it firmly in the present, and yet reminds the listener of the depth of feeling and social relevance of influential music from earlier decades.
It is not easy to create music that effectively unites the powerful charge of unbridled energy with the tender emotions of the heart and soul, but Justin Chart is a unique artist with a rare talent for making magical music.

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Awards and Proclamations

June 2014 Council President Herb Wesson Jr Certificate of Recognition of Service to The City of Los Angeles

June 2014 Councilmen Tom La Bonge Proclamation and Angel Award from the City of Los Angeles

July 2014 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Artisan Appreciation Award

February 2015 Councilmen Jose Huizar Proclamation of Service to The Latin Community of Los Angeles

March 2015 1st Council Member Gil Cedillo Award of Commitment and Inspiration to The City of Los Angeles

February 2016 United States Senator Dianne Feinstein Statement of Accomplishment


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