Joycelyne Lew

Joycelyne Lew
The Mother Love Show

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If academic degrees guaranteed a high paying, stable career in Hollywood, Joycelyne Lew would be at the top of the acting pyramid. Like every good actress, however, she knows that she must dedicate her life to the pursuit of her art, regardless of diplomas earned. The passion to make a career in acting isn’t fueled by logic.

Joycelyne grew up in Culver City, California, near the backlots of MGM Studios. Long before she was born, her father was often a chauffeur to Hollywood luminaries like Lucille Ball, Anita Loos, and Jean Harlow. Her mother was a movie extra, who eventually played Marlon Brando’s mother-in-law in the film “Sayonara,” and both her parents worked for actor William Holden for a time. …

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