Emily Peachey

Emily Peachey
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Emily Peachey (born December 13, 1990) is an American film actress, known for her roles in the films Abduction (2011), He’s Just Not That Into You (2009), and Step Up (2006).

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One thought on “Emily Peachey

  • Macken

    This is a good movie in my opinion, it held my attention the entire time. Although I wouldn’t say it’s scary but for me there isn’t very many films out there that can scare me. Love the whole suicide forest and yes as many have said this movie could have been better but there are tons of movies that we see and say “oh they should have done this and that”, we all have different ideas. I like the way this movie played out and I actually like the ending too, I was so glad to see that the end didn’t go the way I had predicted.. To me that’s great. I will say if you go into this movie with high expectations of a real scary, gory, horror film then you will probably be another one of these negative reviewers on here. I give this one four stars, I’m not a big fan of Natalie Dormer but I think she did a great job in this movie and pulled off the twin sisters very well and Taylor Kinney did a great job as well with his character being a bit creepy at times. I enjoyed it