Crystal Emery

Crystal Emery
The Mother Love Show

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Crystal R. Emery is an artist, author, filmmaker, actress and playwright known for producing socially conscious works and stories that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. She is also founder and CEO of URU: The Right To Be, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging hearts and minds through the arts.

In September 2016, Emery’s latest documentary, Black Women in Medicine, will air on 270 American Public Television stations throughout the United States.

Emery’s artistic vision was influenced by the mentorship of renowned actor/director Bill Duke, actor/dancer Gregory Hines, and famed director Lloyd Richards. Over the course of a 30-year career, she has produced more than 20 plays and two feature-length documentary films and authored numerous books.

Emery’s first feature-length documentary, The Deadliest Disease in America, which addresses racism in health care practices, earned her the Congressional Black Caucus’ “Health Brain Trust Award in Journalism.”

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