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Listen to the podcast and learn how homeopathy provided relief to sweet Ruby, who at age 4 was suffering from a middle ear infection

Yuma Homeopathy July Interview

In this issue… Family health tip Are dietary supplements safe? Homeopathy case A child with a middle-ear infection Homeopathy in the news! Medical research institute in India begins study on homeopathic treatment of cancer Did you know? There is a statue of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, in Washington DC!

Keynotes July 2017

In this issue: Family health tip Teens most susceptible to endocrine disruption from chemicals Homeopathy case A woman with appendicitis Homeopathy in the news! 3rd bi-annual global homeopathic research conference set to begin Did you know? Diseased plants can be treated with homeopathy!

KeyNotes June 2017

In this issue: Family health tip The scary saga of how fake sugar was approved Homeopathy case Jacob’s story: a case behavioral disorders Homeopathy in the news! Swedish court overturns previous decision: homeopathy is now legal! Did you know? Governments stop epidemics with homeopathy

KeyNotes May 2017: Homeopathy for Children’s Health

The Moms Are Back with Exciting News And Stories The Mom Squad Show is a witty, edgy and modern perspective on life from 2 moms: the unhinged mom of twins and the batty single mom! Tune in as Kyra Phillips and Christine Eads rewrite the rules of motherhood and so […]

YUMA HELPS MAKE AN “IN TONE NATION” By Jason Irr, In Tone Nation Choir Member On February 25th, 2017 Yuma’s own “In Tone Nation”, Gila Ridge High School’s a cappella competition choir, set foot in an auditorium in Aurora, Colorado for the Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A […]

Gila Ridge High School Choir Program Press Release