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Awesome workshop coming up in CA, Dec 6-10, specifically on “Water Harvesting” and “Hydrological Restoration” or how to fully utilize and/or effectively manage water that falls on the farm or moves through the farm. This is a very unique opportunity to learn hands on from the amazing teachers (including Warren […]

A “keynote” in homeopathy is a unique symptom that can point to a certain homeopathic remedy. For example, someone who has a condition with symptoms that seem to constantly be changing might need Pulsatilla, a remedy made from the windflower plant. In this issue… Family health tip The health benefits […]

Yuma Homeopahty November 2017 – Keynotes

Arizona Western College Foundation, the AWC Alumni Association, and The Mexican Consulate in Yuma present the Taste of Yuma Foodie Fest. The Taste of Yuma is a collaborative event celebrating the global diversity of foods found in Yuma County. It will showcase the best regional culinary treats and highlight the […]

Taste of Yuma Foodie Fest Oct 13th 5-11pm

In this issue… Family health tip Hundreds of scientists call for caution on the use of anti-microbials Homeopathy case A child with temper tantrums Homeopathy in the news! Homeopathy integrated into the Italian health care system Did you know? Homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy people!

Keynotes August 2017

Listen to the podcast and learn how homeopathy provided relief to sweet Ruby, who at age 4 was suffering from a middle ear infection

Yuma Homeopathy July Interview

In this issue… Family health tip Are dietary supplements safe? Homeopathy case A child with a middle-ear infection Homeopathy in the news! Medical research institute in India begins study on homeopathic treatment of cancer Did you know? There is a statue of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, in Washington DC!

Keynotes July 2017

In this issue: Family health tip Teens most susceptible to endocrine disruption from chemicals Homeopathy case A woman with appendicitis Homeopathy in the news! 3rd bi-annual global homeopathic research conference set to begin Did you know? Diseased plants can be treated with homeopathy!

KeyNotes June 2017

In this issue: Family health tip The scary saga of how fake sugar was approved Homeopathy case Jacob’s story: a case behavioral disorders Homeopathy in the news! Swedish court overturns previous decision: homeopathy is now legal! Did you know? Governments stop epidemics with homeopathy

KeyNotes May 2017: Homeopathy for Children’s Health